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What Is Skill Invest?

Skill-Invest seeks to take the uncertainty out of the programming / development education process for students looking to learn a new skill, improve upon an old one, or change their career field entirely. This website will have direct links to partner e-learning resources, blogs, opinion pieces, and useful education tools so please click around and explore. For now, let’s break down the website to better understand how to make the most out of the research included:

This Home Page will introduce you to a number of great places to begin your studies. Whether you’re looking for an intro level course, budget friendly refresher

The Platforms Page is going to give you a deeper dive into the learning platforms and review them based on their accreditation / connection to universities, how novice / advanced their material is, how hands-on the learning is, etc.

Check out our Blog Page for posts regarding various industry related topics or recommendations on how to study along with advice and guest appearances from industry professionals.

The Contact Page is our favorite. Drop by and leave a message. Ask a question about learning to code, you can request a blog post about something you want to learn, or just say “What’s up, how ya doin?”

So, by one way or another, you’ve ended up here because you want to learn or expand upon a valuable and in-demand skill. So let’s ask another question.

Where Do I begin?

When you’re looking to make a big change, it can be overwhelming; paralyzing. Skill-Invest has done to legwork to simplify the e-learning research experience for you.

Below are the of the top e-learning platforms for you to get into development / coding and computer sciences so that you can make the change in your career that you’ve been putting off. Check out our resources page for a detailed summary of our recommended education platforms.

Most Budget Friendly
Code Academy
Best Student Support
Best Overall Learning
Most Specific/Technical
LinkedIn Learning
Professional Recognition
O’Reilly Media
Largest Library
Most Hands On
Data Camp
Best Learning Plan

What I would recommend…

Just start somewhere… anywhere. Especially if you have never coded before. What do you want to do with your coding? Google it. “What is the best programming language for ______?”, start with a free trial, and go from there.

Personally I started at Data Quest to learn some Python and data science. It seemed like a good spot to start. Much like Data Camp and Code Academy, there is a well established learning plan in place and some reasonably good student assistance measures.

I’ll be writing a post on this very subject soon so sign up for emails, subscribe to our social media channels, and we will get you studying as soon as possible!


About the author:

My name’s Soren. Six years ago I put away the drawing board and just started learning. I was so caught up for so long making my master plan that I never started. My impulsive, dive into leaning, methodology was the best way I could have done it. With a soft learning outline and objective. All I knew is I wanted in-demand skills that were industry transferable. Here at Skill-Invest, I’ve put together opinions on the best resources so that you can too.