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We’ve put together a list of the top resources for you to get into development / coding and computer sciences so that you can make the change in your career that you’ve been putting off. Check out our resource page for a detailed summary of our recommended education platforms. But here’s a list of them with their closest superlatives to get you started:


  • Largest Library
  • Most Budget Friendly
  • Most Beginner Friendly
  • Most Technical
  • Greatest Student Support
  • Best Certification
  • Best Overall


  • O’reilly Media
  • Udemy
  • DataQuest
  • Udacity
  • Code Academy
  • Linkedin Learning
  • Coursera

About the author:

My name’s Soren. Six years ago I put away the drawing board and just started learning. I was so caught up for so long making my master plan that I never started. My impulsive, dive into leaning, methodology was the best way I could have done it. With a soft learning outline and objective. All I knew is I wanted in-demand skills that were industry transferable. Here at Skill-Invest, I’ve put together opinions on the best resources so that you can too.